Nom, Nom Galaxy Game for PC Review & gameplay

Nom Nom Galaxy

There are no delights promised in the description and promotion of “Nom Nom Galaxy”, the latest game in the traditionally deadly “PixelJunk” series from Q-Games. The game should be a wonderful singing soup, put together according to the principle that all that is good is also good together. thin lubricated …

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Block N Load Game for PC Review & gameplay

Block N Load

As a sniper, I have already provided some lookouts with shooting shots, while my engineer companion has produced the cannon tower and extinguished health and ammunition. We have dug a moat around the base filled with traps, as well as raised a giant wall while a large coal-powered robot has …

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The Master Plan Game for PC Review & gameplay

The Master Plan

It is strange that there are no more good, most important competitors for the Finnish-produced “The Masterplan”. Some are there; but still too few. One can almost assume that a top-down tactic game, with the style and style of robbery, casinos and mafia houses, has to be good; at least more enjoyable …

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Massive Chalice Game For PC Review & Gameplay

Massive Chalice

If there’s one thing that has caught me in thousands, maybe tens of thousands of my life, then it’s the love, ownership I’ve felt for characters in role-playing throughout the ages. Love with the rise in time I invested in each one – the work, care I put in the …

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Guilty Gear Game For PC Review & Gameplay

Guilty Gear

“Guilty Gear Xrd” is a nostalgic look back in two ways. Firstly, it is basically a fairly old-fashioned fighting game, which is played along two dimensions. Secondly, it has not been released in Europe until half a year after it came to Japan and the United States, which in many …

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Drømmefall – Bok 3: Realms Game For PC Review & Gameplay

Dreamfall - Book 3: Realms

  In the latest episode of “Dreamfall Kapitler”, the great things happen and the areas are more exciting and vibrant than ever.  Unfortunately, it’s probably characterized by pixel hunting and movie nights. It has been a month since the events in ” Book 2 “. Kian is still working with the rebel in …

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