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Pipa Combate For PC & Windows Download

Kite Fighting is a game where you battle online against other players to see who is the best kite flyer. To win a fight, all you have to do is cut the rope of your opponent’s kite … but this is much harder than it sounds given the sudden movements of the kites.

In Kite Fighting you can use more than 300 different kites. Of course, not all of them are unlocked right from the start, but they are released as you progress and win battles.

Although it is possible to play alone against the AI, it is more fun to play online against other players. In these online matches, you can compete against five or six other players simultaneously in chaotic and fun battles.

Kite Fighting is a really original game that although it has pretty ugly graphics and hard controls.


Requires Android 4.0 or higher.

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