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The Prices of the DRAM could come down Soon

The NDRC and Samsung sign an agreement to lower the prices of the memories.

The Prices of the DRAM could come down Soon

That the price of memories is through the roof is no secret. Since 2016 prices have not stopped rising.

For example, four modules of 4GB DDR4 that in 2016 cost less than $ 100 on average, in 2017 it exceeds 200 according to the data provided by a well-known North American website.

The rise caught the attention of the Chinese government, which fears that high prices are negatively affecting the country’s companies. So last year, the NDRC began an investigation, and now signs a collaboration agreement with the Korean giant, Samsung, to reduce DRAM prices for the coming months.

Through the agreement, the Chinese government wants to control the price and supply of the memoirs throughout the duration of the agreement, so this decrease will remain in time.

This agreement could mean a significant drop in the prices of some of our components that make use of these memories, such as graphics cards or RAM kits, as well as other products such as smartphones. In any case, they seem like good news for the hardware world after a few days of negativity.

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