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Quake Champions (PC, Shooter) – Preview

Quake Champions (PC, Shooter)

Quake Champions is an antithesis to modern shooters packed with features that have nothing to do with the actual gameplay. The classic 3D shooter by id software presents itself extremely fast, hard, short and painful. The first rounds are very promising especially for lovers of fast deathmatches.


  • Very fun action game modes
  • Arrow fast 120 Hz gameplay, …
  • Good champions & arenas
  • Sensational weapon arsenal

  • Cut out for Free-2-Play
  • without great optical luster

With Quake Champions, id Software catapults one of the most famous shooter brands into modern times. With modern design, appropriate graphics and the old strengths, the new Quake will dominate the huge market of free-2-play games.
A few words about the F2P aspect: Quake Champions is offered as a free download for free. They start with a basic equipment in the form of the Ur-Quake character Ranger. And here is probably the most violent difference to the old quake parts – at the time there was indeed an optical character adaptation, but every game character was equal in itself. Quake Champions offers other characters, the so-called Champions, including special tricks and different polygonal models, which you can either borrow temporarily with a worthy game currency or buy through real character packages with real money. Since weapons, armor and power-ups are only found and used in individual parts, they do not play any role in the F2P aspect.

Playfully, Quake Champions follows his predecessors and shows his strengths as an arena shooter in the modes Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. The games are extremely fast, hard-hitting and do without any realism. Instead, we’re going to catch up on the hunt, hitting powerful wags like rocket launchers, railgun, and laser guns, and do not waste any thought of silly things like a cautious tactic. Sure, who likes, Quake Champions can also play defensively or low-risk – but then goes a good piece of fun flutes. And so we throw ourselves into the battles, snap the weapon that is best for us and insist in small duels or mass battles around the quad-Damage, which brings four times harm to the collector. Since he can lose the power-up, All other players, of course, with full throttle on the carrier. Do not misunderstand: Whoever wants to lead the leaders regularly should have a clear match plan, bite as rarely into the grass and know the map and its procedures extremely well. The nice thing about Quake Champions is, however, that you do not have to be a pro-gamer to dust a few frags.

Quake Champions preview

Quake Champions
In his early days, Quake was always a technical pioneer, while id software used the id-tech engines to design the way of the computer game graphics. With Doom and id Tech 6, the developers have quite a few game representatives in the portfolio – nevertheless, the team does not rely on Id Tech 6 at Quake Champions. Instead, a hybrid engine was developed, which combines the tech and Saber Tech. Therefore, some native features may also be lost, including VR aspects, mod support, and the promising Vulkan API. However, the studio is already working on a rendering path for volcano. Since Quake Champions is currently only planned for Windows PCs, the developers can fully optimize it. A highlight is the explicit support for 120 Hz display, which supports the fast-paced gameplay. The field of view can also be largely adapted, as in the case of the predecessors.

Quake champions are convincing in the most important areas, but they do not snap any mountains – also because there are very few possibilities to really shine. As an arena shooter there is no freely accessible Open World, no impressive intersections and no proliferating vegetation. Where it counts – namely the character models and the maps – shows a generally good level. But much more important is that the performance is right. And despite the beta phase, we were able to gamble completely framerate-stable on our test system with Core i7 from the Haswell generation and Geforce GTX 1070. As soon as Quake Champions are released, we will have a closer look at gameplay, scope and technology.

OpenArena: The free alternative for Quake fans
If you do not have access to the ongoing beta phase of Quake Champions and still want a round of fast action, OpenArena should look at it. The retro shooter is based on id tech 3 and is an open source fork of Quake 3 Arena. There are still many servers you can connect to and play with many players around the world.

Download it from here 

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