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Trailer of Spielberg’s new “Ready Player One”

If you are interested in how Stephen Spielberg has drawn the world of Dystopia and VR centered on Ready Player One , if you are interested in the first division to the above trailer (version published at San Diego Comic Con) You can see a glimpse of it.

This movie is a work based on Ernest Klein’s novel (the same title, the title of the novel is “Game Wars”). This book was advised around the world that it was the best fiction that depicted VR and the game (sorry, I have not read yet!).

One of the main elements of the story is the virtual world called OASIS. OASIS seen in the trailer may not stand out with visual features, but it looks like a very fun and flashy content. It’s a rice cake of every pop culture.

Even though I tend to be a trailer of a movie that was laughed several times in a selling complaint that appeared midway, it was a big overstatement. It is said that Spielberg is not only an award-winning director but also a “cinematic game-changer” who “fundamentally transforms the movie”. And it seems that Ready Player One is not just a popular work but “holy grail of pop culture”.


According to the Hollywood reporter , Spielberg told about this movie at Comic Con, “I’m enthusiastic about the 80’s, whether between the future we are awaiting or not, whether we like it or not, flashback It is wonderful to draw while simultaneously doing. ”

Anyway, although judgment is being reserved, we are expecting. Anyway it’s Spiel Bark. As an exception to The Matrix , the difficulty level of VR movies has dropped considerably.

Ready Player One acted as leader Wade Watts by Sheridan Thailand, and the script was written by Klein and Zach Pen. It is scheduled to be released on March 30, 2018.


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