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Runic Rampage is a “Diablo” for Android and iOS

Runic Rampage is a "Diablo" for Android and iOS

Runic Rampage is an RPG and hack’n slash game that follows the same premises as the Blizzard Diablo series. A simple game, and offline. You control the last champion of the years, and your mission is to collect all the lost runes. All very straightforward. The game gives you a “quest” and you leave for deserts, forests, caves and ETC. The game is paid for and is available for Android and iOS.

The highlight of the game is its simplicity, coupled with long-awaited gameplay. If it were from another producer, the game would certainly have hundreds of in-built purchases, short runs and a challenge that would require $$ after a while. But this is not the case with Runic Rampage.

It’s a good game to zero out, but do not expect cutting-edge graphics. Runic Rampage focuses on simplicity, but the long campaign will win over anyone looking for an offline game. They are belt acts in total.

Links to Download: Android | iOS

Developer: Crescent Moon Games
Advertising: No | Game Offline
Contains purchases built-in: Does not
require Android 4.0 / iOS 6.0
Language: English | Size: 245 MB

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