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Samsung Begins to Produce the Largest Capacity SSD in the World

With its 30TB, SSD PM1643 would be the largest mass-produced solid-state unit ever created.

Samsung Begins to Produce the Largest Capacity SSD in the World

Samsung is currently one of the largest technology companies in the world, so it is not surprising to see headlines on striking or surprising products. This is one of them, as the Korean giant has announced the mass production of its PM1643the highest capacity SSD in the world.

The throne was held so far by the company itself, with its already imposing disk SSD of 15’36 TB, the PM1633. However, the use of its new 512GB V-NAND memories has allowed the previous model to double in space and features.

Its 30.72 TB of capacity is achieved by grouping 32 NAND memory packages of 1TB each, consisting of 64 layers of these V-NAND chips developed by the company itself. To manage such a large amount of space without sacrificing speed, Samsung uses in the PM1643 40GB of DDR4 memory linked by silicon in groups of 8GB, which together with its 12GB of bandwidth provide speeds of 2100MB and 1700MB of read and write per second, in addition to 400,000 IOPS and 50000 IOPS of random read and write. About 3 times the read and write speed of a common SSD.

Obviously, this SSD disk is not intended for the average user, but for the large companies and their huge servers and databases. Proof of this will be its prohibitive price, although it is unknown, given the background with the previous model ($ 10,000 per unit) we hope it is anything but cheap. However, it is always interesting to see the latest from large companies and the ability of them to carry out products that seemed unthinkable a few years ago.

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