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Sect At War: Far Cry 5 Presents a Spectacular New Trailer

It will arrive on March 27. The new trailer focuses on the figure of Father Joseph Seed.

“What God gives, no man can take it away” is the last statement of Father Joseph Seed in the last trailer of the video game Far Cry 5, one of the great premieres of Ubisoft in the present 2018. The editor has presented a new clip in the one that we can see new details on the county of Hope and the Project of the Door of the Eden, commanded by the deranged Seed, that has become owner and lord of all the region.

While waiting for new details about the game before its release (recently a spectacular gameplay and the limited edition of Far Cry 5 was presented ), today it has been known that, along with the seasonal pass of the software, a copy of Far will be included. Cry 3 Classic Edition, one of the most beloved deliveries of the series, which will make the leap to the current generation of consoles by the hand of the fifth part. It can be purchased separately one month later.

After a delay confirmed a few months ago that postponed his arrival in stores for a few weeks, on March 27 was the launch date of Far Cry 5, which can be played on PlayStation 4Xbox One and PC.

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