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Shadow Tactics – Blades of the Shogun

An extinct genre and German inventor spirit – there must be something! Whether the developers are able to serve the game gourmets fresh food?

Na finally! After dozens of false attempts, the clenched fists slowly dissolve: the enemy officer is finally on the ground and the civilians flee from the city. Now it’s only up to the fugitive opponents to flee – the troops definitely no children’s play.
The one or the other screw would certainly be able to move again, especially the characters get little color – the setting creates a great basis for a gripping story. Nevertheless, the atmospheric level design is convincing. With “Shadow Tactics – Blades of the Shogun”, you will experience the full range of feelings, crowned by a lot of joy over the lovingly designed game that an ancient genre will successfully re-live.


  • Great level design
  • High repetition
  • Nice setting


  • Weak story
  • Unfavorable multiple assignment of the keys

Five angels for the Shogun

In the sixteenth-century Japan you slip into the roles of five very different characters: a ninja, a samurai, a criminal child, a sniper-gun, and a pretty quota woman. Their goal: to serve the aspiring Shogun and defeat his enemies. For this, you infiltrate locks, pillage transports and do a rebel villain after another.

Shadow Tactics: details from the game

The background story and the characters are unfortunately flat and mostly uninteresting – the level design is more enthusiastic. They use the smallest gap in the guards’ vision, at night you are afraid of light sources and on a rainy day you avoid noisy puddles. There are so many sources of error that you can easily screw up the tour, but there are lots of cheap details to help you make the ass.

Accurate planning

shadow tactics
Without cooperation and careful observation of your environment, you have no chance: if you get caught, it is quite fast. The opposite side is at all times numerically superior and calls gladly reinforcement. Only if you are lucky, the AI ​​is stupid when searching for invaders and ignores the incident after a while. It is better to find your way through dense undergrowth, climb over the roofs and move forward in the shade. Your path is not given – only the character selection is always fixed for the 13 missions.


The streets are free: you will fight your way through defensive maneuvers and other heroes’ abilities as well as clever use of the environment. To lure rebels into a self-made trap or provoke an ox, Until a watch gives a kick into the hereafter. The bodies corpse and hide before the enemy becomes aware. Three types of opponents make life difficult for you: in addition to simple guards, there are the straw hats, which can not be brought out of their position or their position. The Samurai is particularly impressive: only in cooperation or in the frontal attack with your own warrior do you do this.

Rollercoaster of feelings

shadow tactics
But not the Ninjastern, not the Katana, but the fast memory is in the game your strongest weapon. They are often failing, looking for new ways and maybe frustrating the controller. This is exactly what “Shadow Tactics” makes so beautiful: Even if something simple does not seem possible, sooner or later you will find a way. Then the joy of success is all the greater.

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