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Smokitten Download For PC (Windows / Mac)


Want to quit smoking but nothing seems to work? Want to beat your addiction without breaking a sweat? Try Smokitten!

Smokitten is the first video game created in partnership with tobacco cessation specialists to help smokers kiss smoking goodbye!

Unlock absorbing andor relaxing minigames that will replace your fag breaks.
Receive personalised support messages from your friends when you feel like youre going to give in to temptation.
Track your progress over time number of cigarettes unsmoked money saved and personalise your island with all sorts of plants and trees to make it greener just like your health.
Take care of a virtual pet kitten who will require a lot of love and attention.
Receive motivating popup messages about the positive effects that quitting has on your health the environment and the tobacco industry.
After 222 days without smoking cigarettes youll be tobaccofree and youll learn the secret behind your kittens island.

Youve probably already tried one of these methods to help you quit: ecigarettes nicotine replacements patch gum lozenges inhaler medicine alternative methods hypnosis acupuncture But none of them really worked for you? Why not try out a mobile game that was designed to help people let go of their tobacco addiction?

Whats Smokitten?
Smokitten is a serious game which aims to help smokers quit smoking. It also works for vapers and people who smoke cannabis cigarillos cigars pipes Educational aims aside Smokitten is first and foremost a video game that is an engaging tool that youll have fun playing and will enjoy coming back to time and again. Smokitten is part of Games for Change which are serious video games that promote social change.

Whats the idea behind the game?
In Smokitten youre responsible for a virtual pet: a smoker kitten who wants to quit smoking for good! To help your kitten youll need to keep it occupied with the various activities on the island running yoga fishing. By playing the minigames that will keep you busy and replace your cigarette breaks youll earn virtual money to buy plants trees and all kinds of other objects to personalise your island to make it prettier and greener.
Smokitten helps you fight your nicotine cravings track your progress and get support from the community by sharing your doubts and your victories! Youll be able to connect with the other players through the app. Your children friends family and colleagues can send you personalised messages in order to help support you when you feel like youre going to give in. Tobacco use often starts for social reasons so we think its important to use the same weapons to help with quitting!
If you stay strong for 222 days without smoking with Smokitten youll discover the islands mysterious secret

A game developed in partnership with experts and a whole community
To carry out this project we worked with the Centre Hyge Centre for the prevention of cancer in the AuvergneRhneAlpes region and the CIPRET Valais an organisation specialising in addiction prevention. We are also supported by a community of over 400 people mostly women smokers who helped us raise over 25000 euros through our Ulule crowdfunding campaign. Our community helps us improve the game by providing feedback on a regular basis.

Developer: Plug in Digital
Price: 4,99 €
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Steps To Download Smokitten On PC Or Mac:

Use/Play Smokitten directly on your PC or Mac. Just choose any of your favourite emulator from below links.Use your phone as a remote control when playing games. Run all your favourite apps on your desktop ( WhatsApp, FaceApp, Netflix etc).Seamless transition of apps from PC to mobile device without the hassle of wireline or wireless connection. play bigger and Play More:

Download: Google Play Store Link

Download: Bluestacks Emulator

Download: Andy Emulator

Download: iPadian ( For iOS Apps )

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