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SNK wants to launch more Video Games on Nintendo Switch

Currently working in SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy.

SNK wants to launch more Video Games on Nintendo Switch

The renowned Japanese team of SNK , authors among others of the saga The King of the Fighters , which currently works in the game of fights SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, wants to launch more video games in the hybrid console of the Great N , although for now the Japanese do not specify their future plans with the machine.

“From now on we plan to release more games on the Nintendo Switch,” said SNK Heroines Tag Team member Frenzy, Yasuyuki Oda. The Japanese creative has also highlighted the great work being done by the video games of the Arcade Archives NeoGeo collection on Nintendo Switch, since it is allowing fans to know the legacy of this veteran studio.

“With the success of Arcade Archives NeoGeo in Switch, I think SNK is becoming a more recognizable company for fans, many people believe that the fight titles are difficult to play, but with this title,” he said in relation to SNK. Heroines, “I would like to offer people the opportunity to get to know the fighting games of the studio and its wonderful team of characters”.

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