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Overview of the smartphone Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Sony’s flagship summer and one of the most exciting smartphones on the market. My opinion of MWC time has not changed, it is convenient classic machine with their chips, he is able to please the fans.



weight 195 g, dimensions 156 x 77 x 7.9 mm

Memory and storage: 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of memory is a UFS, supported by two nanoSIM cards, about 12 GB of memory allocated to the firmware, additional 20 GB – for storing music, pictures, movies, downloaded applications and their data. a microSD card slot with up to 256 GB.

Operating System: Android 7.1.1

Processor: 64-bit processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, with the Adreno 540 video answers.

Battery: 3230 mAh is used Adaptive Charging technology Qnovo, it helps to keep the “health” of the battery. Used Battery Care function and STAMINA mode supported Quick Charge technology for quick charging will need to purchase additional storage, for example, Sony UCH12W. Such memories are sold complete with two cables, microSD and USB-C.

Display: 5.5-inch, 4K HDR, used for the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass. To fully experience the display capabilities, you can use the relevant content, such as YouTube videos c 2160p resolution, but do not forget to select the resolution in the program settings.

Main camera 19 MP resolution supported technology interaction of three sensors Hybrid predictive autofocus, predictive shooting, laser focusing, the 5-axis stabilization SteadyShot (works fine). Light sensitivity: up to ISO 12800, is used, 1 / 2.3-inch sensors Exmor RS ™ for mobile, 24-mm wide angle Sony G Lens, 5x zoom Clear Image, video recording at 4K resolution, the photo shoot in HDR mode . Well, the cherry on the cake – it is interesting implemented slow motion.

The front camera 13 MP 1 / 3.06-inch matrix Exmor RS for mobile devices, sensitivity: up to ISO 6400, 22 mm-wide angle lens with F2.0 diaphragm.

Network: GSM GPRS / EDGE (2G), UMTS HSPA + (3G), LTE (4G) cat.16

Connectivity: A-GNSS (GPS + GLONASS), Wi-Fi Miracast, Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology, supported by DLNA Certified, Google Cast, NFC, fingerprint reader

Sound: Sound High Definition (LPCM, FLAC, ALAC, DSD), DSEE HX, supported codec, LDAC, digital noise reduction, feature Clear Audio +, S-Force Front Surround. Of the new features – AHO, automatic setting of connected headphones feature for regular users a pleasant, well audiophiles probably put his favorite player, will connect any additional DragonFly AudioQuest type device and get a lot of positive vibrations. By the way, AHO is disabled in the base settings of the player, and that’s good. All other parameters are also subject to adjustment.

It should be noted that the device supports VoLTE function is voice in the 4G network “MegaFon”, details can be found here . Here’s the official information:

“HD voice service in the 4G (VoLTE) transmits a voice call on an LTE network. During a call, the caller remains connected to the 4G network that delivers multi-tasking: no longer have to stop the transmission of data in a voice call. It is possible to simultaneously talk on the phone, surf the Web and use your mobile phone as an access point to other devices to a mobile network.

Additional benefits:

Better voice quality compared to conventional voice calls, especially if VoLTE technology is used both parties.
A higher speed connection. If both devices support VoLTE, and during a call are in the LTE network, the connection is established for about a second. ”
To connect you need to have one of a series of smartphones X (X, XZ, X Performance), go to the “MegaFon” office and do everything as it should. The function is good, very pleased with the voice quality, connection speed – experiences like a child, well, or when there was only LTE and we have learned to do without Wi-Fi in the city.

Design, construction

I’ve seen XZ Premium in different people, and I want to share how the device behaves if worn without cover, without pity, violent and messy. For example, on what he had seen a silver machine in the course of the month ruthless exploitation had small scratches on the back, near the Sony logo on the front panel, but, in general, after cleaning the gadget looks good. Another smartphone experienced “Invasion”, where it was worn just like that, without a cover, the owner was dirty as hell, the unit was also dirty, and for a while instead of the cover on the XZ Premium package was pulled from the store “Dixie.” Despite all this sheet, after cleaning, drying, ironing kind of like the Xperia recently I returned from the store. And I also wear XZ Premium without a cover, and urge you to do the same, by mikrotsarapinok no one is immune from the prints too can not escape, but beautiful.

Yes, as for me, so Sony Xperia XZ Premium – this is one of the most beautiful smartphones on the market. There is no unlimited design, metal, but has its own charm when is picked up from the table a heavy gadget – no accidental clicks on the side faces, there is accidental clicks on the button the voice assistant, and in general, by chance here for something to push very hard. It is likely that this is the last classic flagship smartphone Xperia – it may be that at the IFA show a new design code. But the old, believe me, is very good and will please you, I’m on the XZ Premium look, not only as a journalist, but as a lover of Sony – all the fans and connoisseurs will appreciate the device. In addition, there is really in design has a lot of interesting discoveries. Metal parts top and bottom glass panel of the front and rear to remove the memory card slot and the SIM-card, do not need a tool, each hole on the case follows the shape of the ends. Power button with built-in fingerprint sensor is convenient, the sensor itself is triggered instantly, with the push hard to make a mistake. Bottom – connector USB-C for charging and data transfer, for owners of MacBook is a godsend, I pulled out the cable from the laptop – to recharge the device. Although the USB-C quickly became commonplace – in addition to the laptop, there is also a Nintendo Switch, so that the power supply set-top box is perfect for charging your smartphone. camera button helps you quickly start shooting after pressing to start takes about a second, volume control buttons help to increase the image, this is the default setting, you can assign them to shoot.

At the top is 3.5 mm jack, then the traditional apparatuses Flagship Xperia – auxiliary contact can transmit power to the proprietary microphone and a noise-canceling headset. By the way, very good microphone for recording podcasts.
Do not forget about these accessories, stereo called STM10, Headset MDR-NC31EM – although there are other options, for example, Sony h.ear in NC.

Caring for the device is easy, as long as I have the fingerprints depart immediately, it seems that on the back there is an oleophobic coating. fingerprint sensor works quickly, within a few minutes added all the right cards in the Android Pay, insert two SIM cards and thus prepared for life. A small indicator light on top of the left suggests that the XZ Premium received any message, all on the big screen is perfectly visible from any angle, it is very suitable for the design of branded themes, I put the base Xperia Loops, and do not change. Although periodically receive notification that are available to install new themes.

Note that the memory card, and “SIM cards” should be inserted gently, so arranged slot.




To begin repeat their thoughts since the first sight, there is no change. Sony has been an interesting device Z5 Premium, from simple Z5 he was different-resolution display (5.5-inch 4K UHD (3840 x 2160), the PPI 806), different design. Experiments with 4K resolution in smartphones did not end there, a nice deal continues the XZ Premium Premium, only here now except for 4K resolution, still in use and HDR. If you ask, so what would be better, I will reply that it is better to be colored in some cases. But given the display diagonal of 5.5 inches, the difference from the “normal” display that the iPhone 7 Plus will be hard to notice. In addition, yet no special 4K content streaming service, you can try Amazon, but for Russia it is still exotic. You can not view videos in 4K c HDR on YouTube on a mobile device. But given that the PlayStation Video will be played exactly in the correct resolution. I am here in my plate, which indicates when the unit will produce “apskeyl” up to 4K, and when to use this permission, here’s some more info:


As for the use in real life – the screen as the screen brightness is sufficient, good viewing angles, good color, but it all depends on the content. With the white balance settings to easily add comfort while reading or night to bring all the sliders to zero. Watch series is quite possible and necessary. What I did not like – die with the buttons below. It takes a lot of space, it can not be hidden, even if it is noticeable only in some cases, but sometimes annoying: you open Chrome – black stripe at the bottom. The same is true in other programs, for example, in the Telegram. Perhaps with its updates and learn to hide, but it is like that – though, communicating with two vehicle owners have not met negative about the dice, I am one.



The new camera module installed in the Sony Xperia XZ Premium and Xperia XZs, called Motion Eye, it is in the name of Sony should remember the family. During the 2017 module will be used only in the company’s smartphones, apparently, it will be a kind of test, error detection, test potential. The module then begin to sell Apple, Samsung, other companies. Here some might say: “And now at Apple it finished as it should be.” I’ll answer that with smartphones and Sony Motion Eye will be capable of a lot, ranging from shooting 4K video (hooray), finishing Super Slo-mo. But for a start – a little about the module. Characteristics were identified as follows: 19 megapixel sensor size 1 / 2.3 “, the lens is composed of six elements The fundamental difference between Motion Eye – presence of internal memory that allows you to perform various kunshtyukov with the image, with regard to this photo, and video, for example, if.. you see something interesting, pulled out his smartphone, hover, and he takes three shots, specifying in a frame moving object. and as long as you press the button, it will be the fourth frame. then you will be prompted to select the best photo and the rest remove. Able to open They are very different. If we talk about dreams, imagine if the store to get the device and send the label of wine alone will Vivino, which will be immediately activated the camera. This option may appear in the future! When it comes to reality, on vacation, if you lying on the beach and raise chamber momentarily focus and create several images will be performed. The frames are stored in so-called Stacked memory, processed, issued to the user. Curiously, the presence of my memory allows no “ship” CPU, it has a positive effect on energy consumption, other applications. And this is now.

If the “predictive” shooting seem boring to you, how about Super slow motion, 960fps? And even in HD? Not bad? I’ll tell you, there is still more interesting, for example, you start to shoot regular video if there is some kind of a dynamic scene, press the button, there is a Super Slo-mo for six seconds, then you can continue to record normal video. It’s good for the sport, some sketches in the city, recreation, concerts and so on, you can think of hundreds of scenarios. It was possible to see the shot on the XZ Premium videos, impressive! That something like this – and these videos you will be able to do on their own smartphone.


A little bit of real memories from the camera. Videos with slow motion look great on the screen of your smartphone, but in the whole screen of a laptop it is better not to open. Video recording in 4K is activated as a separate application for the camera, look for the icon next to the AR-effects. Video writes well, stabilization works if you use a tripod, you can get good rolls – remind about the stereo. As for the photos, here in the daytime, in good light, turn normal pictures – critics, I do not quite understand the camera. Navel – I took – Filters – instagram, and it turns out well. I went through several hundred images for a couple of months, the marriage a little, plus the thrill of the chamber will very much depend on the application that you will use. Ultimately, all of the functions described above are good to use from time to time, but more often you turn on the camera once or twice a day. And then you will be the launch of a separate button, fast activation, quick save the frame. Well, if you want a masterpiece – take a tripod, delve into the settings, put a different application, create masterpieces. Here, as with music – all improvements depend on you.

Still, I tell a little more about the slow motion – is as follows: you shoot a normal video, press the button, slow motion begins, lasts a few seconds, HD quality, speed 960 frames / sec. Then, the resulting video is saved as a normal file, it then can be put somewhere in sotsialochki or send comrades.



Here I want to say that in addition to the typical flagship Xperia LDAC codec, embedded and active noise cancellation with special headphones, supported by a new feature AHO. Stands for Automatic Headset Optimisation, smartphone can determine which headphones are connected, and adjust the sound for them. As this is done, it is customizable – the exact answer is no, I will try to get it. People involved in the company, said that the function actually works.
With regard to noise reduction and more. In Xperia flagship set ​​connector that provides power a number of accessories, it is plug an external microphone, and a headset with active noise cancellation support, it was planned that there will be a variety of all sorts of accessories. The XZ Premium and XZs all these features have been preserved.

As for LDAC, the nomenclature of the company’s suite with support for the codec is expanding, and now there is sports devices, and in-ear headphones, and large speakers for the home. Find all devices with LDAC can be here , alas, the Sony they are not isolated in a separate section, so you’ll have to pretty poklikat. But I’m not complaining – if you have Xperia and you want to get a cool sound, take on MDR-1000X or MDR-1ADAC, download FLAC to memory, get a lot of fun. By the way, who are neither recommended MDR-1000X, all were satisfied.


Performance and features

A 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 835, for the video meets the Adreno 540. All applications run fast, “rest” during heated games, but do not burn your hands. AnTuTu results in the screenshots.
In addition to running a special camera button, you can run it by double-pressing the power button.
Decide to reinstall the SIM-card – get ready for a reboot, everything is like in the good old Z.
The device uses a USB Type-C, 3.1, to get good data rate (5Gb / s), you need to buy a special cable. By the way, for fast charging will have to go to the store and buy special power supply. If you say, “What it was difficult to immediately put it all in a box? These accessories are a dime! “, People from Sony you quite truthfully answer that then the device would cost more than a few thousand. Want to speed – buy yourself your own accessories.
The smartphone uses 64GB internal memory UFS (Universal Flash Storage), indicated on the slides, that the recording speed is increased to three times (1.5 Gb / s). As I said above, the photo and video recording is fast, instant installation programs, and of the overall speed pleases.
Installed capacity of 3230 mAh battery, support fast charging and Qnovo Adapting Charging technology – it can help to save battery life. No miracles regarding working time should not expect, the behavior of Sony Xperia XZ Premium will entirely depend on your preferences. In my case, the machine survive till the evening, then start searching for outlets, external batteries.
I immediately put in place pre-installed Google keyboard – maybe not the best, but I like the simplicity.
The latest version of Android at the moment, in the future, you can count on the support for a minimum of 18 months. To some this may seem a little maturity, but even Z3 + has recently received an update to Android 7, on sale there in May 2015. As you can see, it’s been more than 18 months! Accordingly, and for the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, you can count on continued support from the company. During use flew two system updates, the installation is no problem.

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