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Super Mario 3D World – jump in high resolution Review

Super Mario 3D World – jump in high resolution

For a man who made his debut in 1981 as the anonymous Jumpman in arcade game Donkey Kong, Mario is suspiciously full. In addition, the plumber of Italian descent has long surpassed his former tormentor in fame and made his appearance in over two hundred games, in which he also played the leading role in most cases.

Played on: Wii U (excluding platform)

Similarly in Super Mario 3D World, in which the title hero sets off with his regular friends Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad. Yet the story is officially different this time than in many previous parts. So this time you do not have to save Princess Peach. Bowser, again the bad guy in the game, has this time provided on Sprixie, a kind of fairy who can conjure up glass tubes. Bowser kidnaps Sprixie and disappears into a glass tube, on the way to Sprixie Kingdom, with which we are presented with a new game world. There is not much difference with the Mushroom Kingdom, but that should not spoil the fun.


Sprixie Kingdom is divided into a number of worlds, and in every world Bowser has a castle in which he holds a Sprixie of a different color hostage. Only when you have saved the Sprixie in one world will the glass tube with which you can go to the next. Every world has a different external theme. It works in a similar way in every world; you start with access to one of the levels and only when you have completed it will you gain access to one or two of the following. Only when you have achieved sufficient success within the world will you gain access to the castle where Bowser keeps the Sprixie prisoner. The various worlds are thematically organized, roughly to familiar elements such as water, ice, fire and air. Unfortunately, this thematic layout is not equally pronounced everywhere. Actually, not much happens with the elements that are central to the various worlds. That does not, however, affect the quality of the levels that make up the worlds.

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