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Super Mario Odyssey: Find all Easter Eggs

The Nintendo era adventure is loaded with references and Easter eggs. In this guide, we tell you what they are and where they are.

Super Mario Odyssey: Find all Easter Eggs

Super Mario Odyssey has become by its own merits one of those mandatory games for every holder of a Nintendo Switch . Since it was released last October, it is expected that a good part of the players have already completed the game 100% (or almost!) If you are one of them, you may want to give a new return to the Kingdom Mushroom and its surroundings in search of easter eggs (easter eggs) and references to other video games within the title itself. In this guide, we collect all the curiosities we have found. And you, do you know any more?

Donkey Kong

Mario began his walks with the name of Jumpman. in Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo pulls nostalgia to remind us of the birth of a legend in a game that did not even bear his name.

  • New Donk City is a reference in itself, rescuing the ambience and the name of Donkey Kong. Pauline, of course, makes an appearance, as we already know.
  • As you well know, this kingdom is very realistic: there are cars and traffic signs. Have you looked at each of them well? In the license plates of the cars you can read “1981-ND”, in reference to the year of debut of the game. The names of the streets are marked with references to characters such as Cranky Kong.
  • In the New Donk City festival, we find all kinds of references to the first game: we dodge barrels, we recover melodies from the original, the coins form the acronym “DK” and, when we return to the three dimensions, if we stay a while with Pauline , it will dance imitating the movement that reproduced its “sprite” more than 30 years ago.

Super Mario Odyssey: Find all Easter Eggs

Super Mario 64

It is true that Odyssey is already considered one of the best games ever conceived according to the current average of Metacritic, but if there is another three-dimensional platform that has been crowned as one of the most perfect in the history of video games, that is Super Mario 64 Switch’s delivery is well aware of this, and has numerous hidden references for fans who return many years later. And there are some things that are done just like in 1998!

  • It is possible to find Yoshi on the roof of Peach Castle. To get there, you must activate the straw doll that is on the left side of the building, if you look straight at the facade, and climb the stairs before the time runs out.
  • Inside Peach Castle, stand in the center drawing and look to the sun to unlock a secret star.
  • The pictures leading up to the game bosses also appeared in that game. In fact, they make the same sound when entering them.
  • The “Mario 64” outfit changes the hero’s appearance to the same one he had in that game, even if that means sacrificing polygonal cargo. There is also the “Metal Mario” outfit, which changes its appearance due to the characteristic alternating state.
  • The animation of Mario when he stands still for a long time is almost identical to that of the N64 delivery. There are also some sound patterns and even entire soundtracks rescued from their environment, such as the theme of Bowser during the final song “Lead the way”.

Other Mario games

  • There is a tree in the Mushroom Kingdom that has a tail. Yes! It is the same that appears in the opening cinematic of Super Mario 3D Land.
  • The “sprites” of Peach felina and Mario Tanuki, from Super Mario 3D World, are scattered throughout the game. Look closely at the walls, and if you see any, throw the cap to get coins.
  • In the Lost Kingdom, Captain Toad tells you that he has been kidnapped by a giant bird, but that he was not the same as always. If you have played Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, you will know immediately that he is talking about his antagonist, Wingo.
  • It is difficult to pass this one if you played the original: the parts of the adventure where we played in 2D move the gameplay and music directly to the 8-bit style that Super Mario Bros. had.

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