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Tencent is developing an Attack on Titan for Android and iOS


Tencent games is developing an anime game Attack on Titan (Attack of the Titans). The information appeared in the forums of TapTap and already has until pre-registration of the game in this site. In addition, an official page of the game with a lot of content was created. Also the first images of the game appeared.

Attack on Titan – Dedicate Your Heart (進擊 的 巨人 – 為 人類 獻出 心臟 的 心臟) will be a first person combat action game where the player needs to perform Quick Time events, touchscreen gestures need to be done at exactly the right time for something to happen.

TapTap game description:

In the mobile game “Attack on Titan”, the player plays recruiting 104 regiments of training, will be with Alan, Mikasa, Almin simultaneous training, fight, growth, the first person to experience the end of the day Sad and desperate atmosphere of excitement.

The main battle mode of this game is QEM combos semi-round real-time combat-based. Before giants, players must first master the operation of three-dimensional mobile devices, if they have successfully ended, you can accumulate a large number of damage bonuses, targeting the severely hunted giant neck. However, if the player a little careless, can be caught and injured by the giants, and even bring the crisis out of the team. If you do not want to become a heavyweight partner, practicing life and fighting is the only criterion for surviving.

There is no release forecast in the West. But it is known that the game will be released in China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, with versions for Android and iOS.

Images of the game:

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The development is under the supervision of AoT’s official website, Kodansha Comics. The official game AoT mobile will present contents of the first season of the anime. You can expect iconic scenes from the original cast and sound, but this time in a mobile game.

Not the first Attack on Titan game for Android iOS

It is worth remembering that this is not the first time that Hajime Isayama’s work appears on cell phones. In 2014, an anime game was released for Android and iPhone smartphones in Japan. In fact, the game was not very successful and was barely received by the Japanese, so much that has already been removed from the App Store and Google Play.

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