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The Best arcade games

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best puzzle game
Only recently available, but it has the class for the list of best games. It is a new spin of the classic pinball genre. After only a few game minutes, it is clear: An old pinball game you do not want to touch so fast. You have a time quota of 60 seconds. If this has expired, the game is over. The highlight is now: you flippert the ball up, reaches new (Pinball) worlds and can receive time credits. The re-playing factor is therefore very high. The game is neon colored, which makes for pure playroom atmosphere. After a gameover you have to start again at the first level – only an in-app purchase clears for 1.99 Euro checkpoints.

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Top Puzzle Game

The Room Three

Best arcade game
The Room is a game series that locks you in a room and you have to find the way. You can solve this by solving various puzzles – Escape Games is the genre. The two first titles of the The-Room series have already inspired you with their intense atmosphere. By the way, a modern alchemist environment always serves as a setting, with current and photography in early forms – the state of the art in the games: mostly around 1900, paired with overly natural elements.

Back to The Room Three: A “mysterious master” (game description) challenges you to follow in his footsteps. In order to achieve this, you have to repair various electrical circuits, enter into other dimensions (this is done with a special visual aid) and you have to combine different objects with each other. What sounds quite abstract here, makes you feel right. The Room Three makes it very difficult to find that some puzzles are hidden a bit, so the player does not know where to go. Then sometimes helps the integrated help, which gives tips. Several hours of fun await you at The Room Three. Once you have finished the game, there is the option to discover alternative ends.

The Room Three currently costs 4.59 euros, but also the cheaper predecessors are a real recommendation.

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