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A Valley Without Wind 2 For PC, Android, Windows & Mac Free Download

“A Valley Without Wind 2” is one of the most unique games you will be playing this year.

Probably it’s one of the most unique games you’ll ever play, especially if you appreciate games that manage to mow together genres in a significant way.

Assuming you did not play the first game in the series, then, which might be even more experimental and screwed than the sequel is.

At first glance, “Valley 2” seems like an uninterrupted patchwork of concepts. In many ways, that’s also the case. The press material wraps you with pictures of a cheeky platform game with a slightly random, almost amateurish sense of visual elegance.

Other pictures show you a top-level strategy game with grids and small game pieces. What’s really fun?

Out of hell

Look for you “Heroes of Might & Magic” or “Conquest of Elysium”, where you basically control one specific figure that represents you, but where you also have to manage an ever-expanding member list of soldiers.

The rules are relatively simple: If you want to dig out parts of the fog map, first visit the respective areas personally, get through an obstacle course of a platform game and finally crush the infernal fog machine at the finish line.

The rest of the overall strategic work is done by moving around all the workers and soldiers at your disposal.

Acting as a magician will just say that the platform segment is about mastery of projectiles in different shapes. You get a predefined collection to play with, regardless of what magic class you are subjecting to. Everyone also comes with a gimmick – usually striking a distorted path from your fingertips, and has a caliber that dictates whether your shots are strong enough to break through the enemy.

There is nothing particularly innovative with just this bit of the game really . It’s a platform game. You move from left to right; sometimes from top to bottom. It reminds me of a kind of crossing of a “roguelike” and an oldschool shooter. It works.

What is exciting, however , is how these two fundamentally different game songs affect each other.

country Plage

History follows you as a member of the last human bastion left in the country. You have just infiltrated the army of the infernal demons, which has given you a huge advantage – you have become invincible.

This is of course a truth with modifications, but the essence is the worst thing that can happen to you personally that you are sent back to your bedroom without permanent damage.

The downside of the infiltration is that you have just been revealed by the commander, Demonaica, who is now raging after you – round for round – like a landslide out of hell. He is raging everything on his way, especially what has been affected by the resistance movement you are working for. Nothing can stop him. Not your soldiers. Not once you.

A Valley Without Wind 2

Well, not until you’ve come through a sandwich list of personal and strategic tasks – from developing your figure to a certain level, to conquer specific resources on the map.

The biggest triumph behind “Valley 2” is nevertheless the way it manages to create a fatal, nail biting excitement around what is essentially a rigid, turn-based strategy game.

See for yourself a session of “Civilization”, where you instead of working against opponents who play the same game as you are fighting a spreading cancer that moves around the map. Not only does it play completely different rules than you – it guarantees that your civilization will crumble if you are not super conscious of what you are using every single round.

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