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WhatsApp seeks a business model to generate revenue and has multiple Countries as one of its focuses

It is not only Messenger that is preparing to increase Facebook’s revenue. WhatsApp also started a search for business models to start generating money, not just spending it. The messenger announced the opening of four job openings that seek professionals in the field of business products.

One of the vacancies searches for a product manager. In the description, the company explains that this person would be responsible for:

“leading product development in our monetization efforts . ” 

Another is for product marketing manager, who must:

“lead the ideation, technical development and launch of innovative features of the product . 


Finally, the last two vacancies are more linked to the communication branch, one for public policy manager, and another for a communications manager. This second seeks a professional to work in Mumbai, India since one of the company’s focuses for this new goal is the emerging markets.

According to a source with internal knowledge of the company said Recode site, WhatsApp would be focused on creating something more geared to these emerging markets where the tool is quite popular. These vacancies, even, mention that experiences with these markets will be a differential for the professional.

The messenger, who already has more than 200 employees currently, also looks for professionals with experience in search engines and payments. That is, there are indications that the company is thinking about something that involves sending money, maybe a gigantic platform to sell or exchange products (plus one).

Recode attempted to contact WhatsApp to learn more about the company’s plans, but the company declined to comment on the matter. Recalling that in Brazil, many professionals already use the tool, at least as an aid to their business, accounting for almost 1% of the national GDP.

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