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Xbox One: It has played 840 million hours to retrocompatibles

The service to enjoy Xbox and Xbox 360 titles in XOne continue to have a lot of interest from fans.

Microsoft already Positively Notes in its Revenue the Success of Xbox One X

One of the most promoted features of Xbox One is the retro-compatibility and continues to bring extraordinary benefits to Microsoft in terms of the interest it raises among fans and the hours they devote to it.

If in January 2016, with a few months behind the service, we already told you that they had invested more than 21 million hours playing retro-compatible; this time, and two years later, the figure has skyrocketed to 840 million hours.

The players of Xbox One continue investing a lot of time with Xbox 360 video games and the first Xbox, constituting a success for a strong bet of Redmond’s in this field, being the only video console of the current cycle of machines that counts on its hardware with the possibility of enjoying launches of previous generations directly and without going through the box again.

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