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Yesterday Origins aims for a release on Nintendo Switch

The graphic adventure of Pendulo Studios appears in the German age rating system.

Yesterday Origins aims for a release on Nintendo Switch

The remarkable Yesterday Origins , the latest graphic adventure developed by the renowned Spanish team of Pendulo Studios , could be released on Nintendo Switch if we look at the information published by the German age rating system, the USK , which has included the video game on its list of upcoming releases.

Aftermath and at the same time prequel to the remarkable New York Crimes, this video game of the authors of the Runaway saga was originally released on PC, Xbox One and PS4 in the year 2016. Later, it would also disembark on mobile devices.

In our analysis of Yesterday Origins we commented that this video game could leave you “wanting more, that does not finish satisfying the high expectations of New York Crimes fans, but this is a very good graphic adventure that few fans should miss”. One of the peculiarities of the video game is that it allows you to travel between different times, to know the past and present of the protagonist of the adventure.

For now Pendulo Studios has not made an official announcement about the release of Yesterday Origins on Nintendo Switch, but it would not be weird considering that other point & click adventures have landed on the hybrid console of Kyoto with excellent results.

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